Educating Archie. Peter Brough. Copyright: BBC
Educating Archie

Educating Archie

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Light Programme
  • 1950 - 1960
  • 232 episodes (9 series)

Sitcom about scampish schoolboy Archie Andrews, actually a ventriloquist's dummy. Stars Peter Brough, Robert Moreton, Tony Hancock, Harry Secombe, Max Bygraves and more.

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70 years of British comedy - part one: after the war

In an earlier post we told you we were going to look back over the last 70 years of great British comedy. We've tagged some of the best sitcoms from the last 70 years, as 70 Years Of British Comedy so you can follow the series of posts. The story of the modern sitcom is a fascinating one, British sitcoms are admired the world over but how did it all start?

British Classic Comedy, 30th April 2016

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