Dave Podmore. Dave 'Pod' Podmore (Christopher Douglas).

Dave Podmore

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a cricketer. 31 episodes (4 series), 2001 - 2020. Stars Christopher Douglas and Andrew Nickolds.

Video Clips

Dave Podmore's Cricket Tips

England's sleaziest ever cricketer Dave Podmore reveals the secrets of the dressing room. He taught Rooty everything he knows, very much so.

Featuring: Christopher Douglas (Dave 'Pod' Podmore).

Dave Podmore: In The Pressure Cooker

This is the first part of a pilot for a Dave Podmore TV sitcom. It is based on the script of the first radio episode. The pilot was sadly never picked up, and thus this visual version of the show has only ever been seen on YouTube to date.

Featuring: Christopher Douglas (Dave 'Pod' Podmore).