British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 5

It's time to test your memory of comedy-related shows and people...

1: Which sitcom featured a character called Lukewarm?

2: Who provided the voiceover for Little Britain?

Little Britain. Image shows from L to R: Matt Lucas, David Walliams. Copyright: BBC / Little Britain Productions.

3: Inside No. 9 is to return for a Halloween special later this year. Name the previous spooky show from creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton...

4: Which talent competition did Victoria Wood win in 1974?

An Audience With.... Victoria Wood.

5: Hugh Lloyd starred in 1960s sitcom Hugh And I alongside which other actor?

6: Which channel was 1982 sitcom Whoops Apocalypse on?

Whoops Apocalypse. Image shows from L to R: Premier Dubienkin (Richard Griffiths), The Deacon (John Barron), President Johnny Cyclops (Barry Morse), Kevin Pork (Peter Jones). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

7: Which show is this character from?

Who is this?

8: Complete the name of this musical double-act. Flanders And...

9: What is the title of Jack Dee's autobiography?

Jack Dee's HelpDesk. Jack Dee. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

10: Whose appearance on Room 101 resulted in hundreds of complaints?

Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Bonus harder questions

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