Edinburgh Fringe Quiz

The Edinburgh Fringe 2023 is now being staged. Here's some questions about the festival written by A Rich Comic Life blogger Richard Gill.

1. In what year did the Edinburgh Festival Fringe begin?

Edinburgh Festival fireworks

2. The Edinburgh Comedy Awards were formerly known as what?

Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2018 nominees

3. In February 2021, who became the Edinburgh Fringe Society's first president?

4. What is the name of the compere of the long running daily Pick of The Fringe show?

Who is this?

5. One of the major venues at the Edinburgh Fringe is called...

6. Legendary comedian Barry Cryer appeared many times at the Edinburgh Fringe alongside who?

Barry Cryer

7. Which comedian won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 1991?

8. Which of these is NOT a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Edinburgh Fringe 2020

9. Who has performed at the festival the most, from this list?

10. The main space run by Underbelly features what?

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