Quiz 306

We present another entertaining set of questions composed by Niki Walton.

1. In which year did Hancock's Half Hour make its radio debut?

Hancock's Half Hour. Image shows from L to R: Sidney James (Sid James), Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock (Tony Hancock), Bill Kerr (Bill Kerr)

2. In Series 2 of Father Ted, the trio each attempt to give up a vice for Lent. Ted gives up cigarettes, Jack gives up alcohol, but what does Dougal give up?

Father Ted. Image shows from L to R: Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon), Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), Mrs Doyle (Pauline McLynn). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions

3. In the world of British sitcoms, Pete and Dawn Sutcliffe are...

4. What was the name of the character played by Emma Chambers in the film Notting Hill?

Emma Chambers

5. Select the comedian who had a hit in 1984 with the single 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?.

6. In Man About The House, what circumstances led Robin to become flatmate to Chrissy and Jo?

Man About The House. Image shows from L to R: Jo (Sally Thomsett), Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan), Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox). Copyright: Thames Television

7. The full names of the characters Richie and Eddie in Bottom were Richard Richard and...

Bottom. Image shows from L to R: Richie Richard (Rik Mayall), Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson). Copyright: BBC

8. British comedy legend Sir Lenny Henry was born on the same day as which internationally-famous singer?

Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy. Lenny Henry. Copyright: Douglas Road

9. In The Fast Show, what was the name of the TV show presented by Carl Hooper?

Carl Hooper. Simon Day

10. What was the title of Cannon & Ball's sole theatrical film as a duo, released in 1982?

Cannon & Ball. Image shows from L to R: Bobby Ball, Tommy Cannon
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