Quiz 199

We predict you'll get 7 out of 10 this time. Let's see...

1. Select the person who did NOT star in Are You Being Served?.

Are You Being Served?

2. Select the sitcom set in a leisure centre.

3. Complete this sentence. Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and ...

Shaun Of The Dead. Image shows from L to R: Ed (Nick Frost), Shaun (Simon Pegg), Liz (Kate Ashfield). Copyright: Working Title Films

4. Which sitcom is centred around Blossom Avenue?

5. Which sitcom star published a memoir titled White Cargo, recounting how they joined their father's theatre company at the age of three weeks and toured India for the next 17 years.

6. Select the full name of the character at the centre of Hancock's Half Hour.

Hancock's Half Hour. Image shows from L to R: Sidney James (Sid James), Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock (Tony Hancock), Bill Kerr (Bill Kerr)

7. In what year was The Likely Lads film released?

The Likely Lads. Image shows from L to R: Christina (Mary Tamm), Terry Collier (James Bolam), Bob Ferris (Rodney Bewes). Copyright: Anglo-EMI

8. "Bear Bad Man", "Revenge Of The Razz" and "Soldier, Swinger, Shelley, Shelley" are episode titles from which sitcom?

9. Which show is this badly cropped image linked to?

Which show?

10. St. Ogg's Cathedral was at the centre of which TV comedy?

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