Quiz 187

The naughtiest girl in the world is amongst this week's questions.

1. Connect this Episode 1 synopsis to the correct show. "Mark's inappropriate hand placing leave him in a bad position with the object of his desire, Sophie."

2. Which comedy festival is this logo related to?

Which festival?

3. Who would you associate with war veteran Lampwick, skinhead Bovver Boy and blonde bombshell Mandy?

4. How many episodes did Alan Carr: Chatty Man run for?

Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Copyright: Open Mike Productions

5. Whose CV has Miranda, Trollied and Upstart Crow on it?

6. Which sitcom is the studio pictured here linked to?

Whcih show?

7. Beth, Eric, Cathy, Colin and Christine are the central characters in which sitcom?

8. Select the name of the 1980s sitcom about the naughtiest girl in the world.

Charlotte Coleman

9. ITV's Only When I Laugh featured a lead star from which other sitcom?

10. In Chewing Gum, Michaela Coel's character Tracey Gordon is obsessed with...

Chewing Gum. Tracey Gordon (Michaela Coel). Copyright: Retort
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