Quiz 149

Question one may be crystal clear, but what about the others?

1. Who is behind the black box in this picture?

Who is this?

2. In Monty Python's parrot sketch, the parrot is a _______ Blue.

Monty Python's Flying Circus. Image shows from L to R: Michael Palin, John Cleese. Copyright: BBC

3. Complete the name of the sitcom starring Greg McHugh. Gary: _____ Commander.

What show?

4. Who is pictured here?

Who is this?

5. In Love Soup, Alice Chenery works in which area of a department store?

Love Soup. Alice Chenery (Tamsin Greig). Copyright: BBC

6. Who played Martin, the central character in 2013 - 2014 Channel 4 comedy The Mimic?

7. Here is the opening frame from the titles of a 1960s sitcom. Which comedy is it from?

Which show?

8. Which musical comedian created the song Insect Nation?

9. Which comedian co-presents the quizzing podcast Fingers On Buzzers, hosting alongside The Chase star Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan?

10. Which double act introduced Queen to the stage at the Live Aid concert?

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