British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 122

Sitcoms feature heavily in this week's set of questions. How much do you remember?

1: Dennis, Neville and Oz are characters from which comedy series?

2: Which Monty Python star would you associate with Rutland Weekend Television?

Rutland Weekend Television. Copyright: BBC.

3: Which double-act appeared in a 2000 reimagining of TV classic Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)?

4: Which show would you associate this image with?

Which show?

5: Pardon The Expression was a sitcom spin-off from which soap opera?

6: What is the first name of the comedian best known as Limmy?

What is his name?

7: Penelope Keith starred in 1990s sitcom No Job For A Lady. What was the job?

8: What subject did Miss Postern teach in Big School?

Big School. Miss Postern (Catherine Tate).

9: Where is the barbershop in Desmond's?

Desmond's. Image shows from L to R: Michael (Geff Francis), Gloria (Kim Walker), Desmond (Norman Beaton), Shirley (Carmen Munroe), Sean (Justin Pickett). Copyright: Humphrey Barclay Productions.

10: In the titles of Keeping Up Appearances, what book does Hyacinth pick up?

Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge).

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