British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 12

Good luck!

1: How many episodes of ChuckleVision were made?

ChuckleVision. Image shows from L to R: Barry Chuckle (Barry Elliott), Paul Chuckle (Paul Elliott). Copyright: BBC.

2: Connect this catchphrase up to the right character. "Booyakasha!"

3: Where did Reginald Perrin work?

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin. Reginald Perrin (Leonard Rossiter). Copyright: BBC.

4: Which of the following people was NOT one of the four main stars of Goodness Gracious Me?

5: Which character did Simon Cadell play in Hi-De-Hi!?


6: In which decade did The News Quiz start on Radio 4?

7: What is Jo Brand's middle name?

Have I Got News For You. Jo Brand.

8: Who advertised John Smiths in the 1990s?

9: What show is this behind-the-scenes picture from?

Which show?

10: In 1992 Steve Coogan won Edinburgh's Perrier Award alongside another performer - but who?

Bonus harder questions

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