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Christine and myself have linked up with the new production company AZKO Films and have three sitcom pilots being handled by Azeem the director, who has expressed an interest in our work with a view to pitching the ideas to the Comedy Editor at the BBC in London;also he is interested in film scripts and drama material and we are currently prepping a new drama series for him to look at.He has also pitched our work to various other companies such as Channel Four, FIVE, ITV, and so on and we are hoping to come up with a new comedy script for BBC Wales.This is our best break so far, and we are really optimistic that we will have a result soon.We have decided to filter virtually all of our future work thru AZKO as this company has shown the most interest and not just empty promises-highly commended.
We have most recently produced a new sitcom aimed at the teenage market, called `ME AND MY BIG MOUTH` and are particularly keen to produce a commercial filmscript.We have writen several filmscripts with some encouraging results and also a number of narrative sitcoms and sketches and have previously submitted to various independents and the BBC Writersroom, and BBC Wales where Christine(Morris),my associate has one of her own scripts logged with Gareth Gwenlan.
We also have a feature length script being assessed by the Drama Development Unit,(`RUBY`).
What seems like ages ago, now, I did have some sketches on Alas Smith and Jones and Naked Video,as well as being included on the compilation tape of NV.
Round about that time I also sold a sitcom pilot and an option on another script to the then, Head of Light Entertainment at LWT.
Am trying to break back into the industry after a long lay off.

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OK:Mostly I work on feature length film scripts which I am developing a taste for as I like the feel of a finished product and its often less hassle than doing a sitcom pilot and trying to come up with storylines which more often than not never turn out as envisaged.
I write cross-genre, but mostly black horror/comedy of the film noir,Tarantino type.
I`ve written, with a friend a radio piece which was an interesting exercise and am currently trying to get an agent,(arent we all).
I`m also trying very hard to break into BBC Wales which one would think would be the natural home for a welsh writer but it seems the hardest of the lot.
Have subbed to most of the indies who will look at unsolicited scripts including Baby Cow,etcetera.Phantom Pictures said they would be interested in looking at some work so I sent them a horror flick-still waiting there, and Maggot tv, the online sitcom company have expressed an interest in Culture shock, a very funny(I think) comedy about a clash of lifestyles between two very different couples.Am completing a sitcom aimed specifically at BBC WALES.
I have had some sketches on the now sadly defunct Naked Video and was included on the compilation casette;and also Alas Smith and Jones and a childrens sketch series.Constantly sending work to BBC Scotland who provide interesting feedback.Oh, yeah, and I suppose the biggest deal was when I sold a sitcom pilot WHO GOES THERE to the head of LWT,(Light Entertainment), and was commisioned to write a second episode-went to Bristol to meet him, along with all the rest of my family.Well, we none of us had got much further than Barry Island.I consider myself a jobbing writer.I love writing sketches, and have done a pilot for a themed sketch show Wake Up and Smell the Millenium.
Also submitted to the Comedy store in Scotland.
I`m most pleased with Culture Shock.I tink its got appeal, and is very modern.Would dearly like to place a film script.Happy days.Tragedy tomorrow-comedy tonight!

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