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Helloooo! I am currently a semi-successful comedy writer from South Wales. I've written about a dozen sketches for the Newsrevue comedy theatre in London and one song (must never forget the song!). I have apir...asper...I'd like to make it my job to make people laugh with me rather than at me. If you kick any cardboard box under the railway bridge you can usually find me or somebody who knows me.

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I'm currently a writer from South Wales trying to make writing my living rather than a hobby. I've had quite a few sketches performed by The Treason Show and Newsrevue teams. I currently have a sitcom called Dead and Buried which has been pretty much well received by critics at the British Comedy Guide so I'm hoping that it can maybe one day make it out there into the big world.
I have had my comedy-drama Tea at Five performed on GTFM radio. I have adapted the same play For the stage and it had a 3 night run at a local theatre.
I also write poetry and won the 'chair' at a local college Eisteddfod event. I am writing a political thriller called Beyond the Sambatyon.
Certainly interested in other opportunities such as a collaboration.
Little known fact number 109. I once had a Hollywood producer turn down a script I sent him because it would have been too expensive to make. Trufax :)

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