BCG Pro Talent Awards: Production

BCG Pro Talent Awards: Production

The BCG Pro Talent Award for Production - seeking out up-and-coming producers, directors, editors and other behind-the-scenes roles - runs from February to April each year.

What is it?

We want to find and encourage the best new and upcoming creative comedy talent. For this Production contest, we're looking for those who make content. If you're a producer, cinematographer, editor, director, podcast creator or fill a similar behind-the-scenes role we'd like you to submit your best work to us - published or produced since 1st January last year - for the consideration of our experienced judging panel.

Our first four years proved very competitive, with both a high quantity and quality of entries all-round. Now we're back and looking for 2024's best creative talents.

What can I win?

Shortlisted entries will be showcased to industry figures during an exclusive screening, and winners of both Starter and Pro categories will be facilitated with appropriate advice, mentoring and/or work experience opportunities.

The contest's previous winners have received mentoring, guidance and work opportunities with companies including post houses and leading production companies.

The 2024 judges

Lisa Mitchell
Robin Peters

Lisa Mitchell: A multi award-winning comedy producer with a development and production career spanning 19 years. Recent productions include BBC's powerhouse Horrible Histories, Channel 4's Hullraisers and Bridget Christie's critically acclaimed comedy drama The Change for Channel 4.

Robin Peters: An award winning comedy and drama editor. He has worked on films and television shows with a broad range of comedy talent, including Armando Iannucci, Julia Davis, Steve Coogan, Chris O'Dowd, Daisy Haggard, Simon Amstell and Stephen Merchant. Recent projects include One Day for Netflix and Big Mood for Channel 4. He is currently working on a feature film for Lionsgate.

Another judge will be announced soon

How do I enter?

We want video and audio submissions: short films, sketches, or a podcast or audio clip. As we're looking to shine a light on up-and-coming talent, this competition is for content made independently rather than for a distributor/broadcaster like the BBC, nor with/by a major production company.

Each BCG Pro member may submit one entry to the contest, either by themselves as an individual or on behalf of a partnership or group. Entries can be in the form of a full production or a highlights package, and whilst they can be of any length, we'd suggest something around 1 to 3 minutes is the best duration.

Simply fill in our entry form with the requisite details and a link to your finished production.

The deadline to enter is 23:59 BST on Tuesday 30th April 2024.

We'll publish a shortlist and announce the winners later in the year.

Any questions? Do get in touch and ask.

This competition is for BCG Pro members
You must be a BCG Pro member to enter the Talent Awards. If you are already a member, please sign in now to access the entry form. If you're not, why not sign up now? BCG Pro offers tools, insights and more to help you create comedy.

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Each BCG Pro subscriber can submit one project into the competition for consideration. You may use your entry opportunity to submit a project on behalf of a team/collective, although it will be judged on a single criteria of your choosing. I.e. if you select 'Director', then the judges will look at the direction skills shown. If other crew members wish to be judged on their own skill area, they will need to submit separately.

Any material can be submitted, provided there is a web link to it. However, the judges are unlikely to have time to view full productions over 10 minutes in length, and in such cases they will focus on a random sample from the full production. You may wish to edit and submit highlights to circumvent this. If you have made a series, you'll need to pick the strongest episode to submit.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant, and must not infringe the rights of any other party.

Please ensure you are credited on the submitted work, to prove you had a hand in creating it. The credit can be on-screen text, read in audio, or in the description on the hosting platform.

BCG Pro is facilitating connections between the winning entrant(s) and industry figures/companies, and cannot be held in any way responsible for the provision or delivery of the work experience/mentoring opportunity once the winner has been picked. It is the right of the company/individual to amend or withdraw any offer of assistance, advice, or other contact with the winning entrant, should they feel it necessary to do so. The winner will need to liaise with the company/person in order to arrange a mutually agreeable schedule. Neither British Comedy Guide nor the company/person are obligated to provide such services, although they will endeavour to do so. Unless agreed otherwise with the company/person in arranging the placement/mentoring, the winner shall be liable for any travel and/or accommodation required.

No cash or other alternative prize will be offered.

Whilst you may enter this competition if you are under 18 years old or living outside the UK, please be aware that some mentoring/experience opportunities may only be available to entrants aged 18 or over, who reside in the UK.