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Chris Head

"I can’t recommend Chris enough – though I’ll get it a go. Not only did he help me fix my script’s structure, but he also helped me hone my characters and see where to make cuts. Working with Chris got me out of the rut I was lodged in and helped me progress to the next level with my producer. I’ll be sending him any new scripts I’m working on Chris’s way." Writer Jared Hamilton

Get in depth, inspiring and industry focused feedback on your thirty-minute TV or radio comedy script. 

With script reads and feedback, often people who offer this send you written notes. But I prefer to talk through my observations with you in a one hour Zoom session so that we can brainstorm solutions and improvements together.
And I send you a video of the session so you can go back over the points and the ideas we come up with.

You send me the script ahead of time for me to read, then in this session we closely examine dialogue, characters, relationships, plotting and comedy. Plus you can ask me specific questions and give me areas to focus on. The feedback will be inspirng and in depth. The session itself is highly collaborative. I will come with observations on areas that need work and opportunities to enhance the piece, plus some suggestions, and through brainstorming and discussion we will arrive at creative solutions you will be excited about implementing.

If this sounds good to you, you can book a reading and session for just £95.

You can see my availability here and you can also book your one hour Zoom slot in via this link - please make a payment once you have booked in!

"Chris has an incredible knowledge of sitcom structure and archetypes. He is a brilliant editor with a clinical and comedic eye. His feedback is always super clear, informed and thoroughly thought through. He works very quickly and is a natural and generous teacher.  I really liked that he kept on bringing me back to character as opposed to simply trying to 'think of funny ideas.' This really enriched the project."  Harry ter Harr, comedy writer (Following our work, Harry's script is now being pitched to channels by a production company)

"Chris was excellent (and very patient!) at showing me how to improve my script. I learnt a lot in a very short period of time. Friendly, helpful and professional." B.P.

You can see my availability here and you can also book your one hour Zoom slot in via this link - please make a payment once you have booked in!

About me: I mentor writers and develop scripts with TV comedy producer Lucy Lumsden, ex-BBC comedy commissioner, former head of comedy at Sky and now boss of Yellow Door Productions. I teach comedy writing at the BBC Writersroom, Bath Spa University and the British Library, and I'm the author of "Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage & Screen". 

Clients of my script-editing/coaching have been amongst the winners of the BAFTA Rocliffe competition, the BCG Spring Script Selection and won Sitcom Mission, and have had comedy drama sitcom scripts commissioned by Channel 4. a sitcom pilot broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and a series commissioned by Channel 5. Other clients have had comedy plays at the Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre.

"Chris' input was incisive, fair and challenging and Chris showed a genuine interest in seeing the work and my writing improve." E.F.

"I got an awful lot out of that session - brilliant!" C.B.


Sitcom/Comedy Drama Script Consultation: Stage 1

Working on the foundations of your script.

"His understanding of comedy was captivating, encyclopaedic."
Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor 

“The ideal person to nurture new talent.”
​John Crace, The Guardian

"Chris Head's book [Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage & Screen] does something very important, by showing how comedy can be built into long and satisfying stories. He offers clear and helpful advice which will be particularly useful for budding sitcom writers, but also relates to other forms like stand-up and improvised comedy. I know I'll be recommending this to my students.”
Oliver Double, University of Kent, UK and author of 'Getting the Joke' on "Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage & Screen"

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