DAFTAS 2023 winners announced

Tuesday 28th March 2023, 9:39am

  • Tar: Beethoven's Fist by Hudson Hughes picked up seven awards in the DAFTAS Comedy Awards 2023
  • The creations by Artie Brennan and Adam McNicol also picked up three awards each
  • The shortlisted spoofs of BAFTA-nominated movies will now be screened in London and Brighton
DAFTAS 2023. Tar: Beethoven's Fist. Image shows left to right: Eva Wallis, Hudson Hughes, Robbie George. Credit: Alan D West

The annual DAFTAS Comedy Awards have announced the winners of their spoof short film challenge.

This was the fourth year in a row that BAFTA-nominated movies have received the "spooftastic treatment they deserve" courtesy of teams of independent comedy creators entering the competition.

Filmmaker Hudson Hughes was the big winner this year, with his spoof of Tar - titled Tar: Beethoven't Fist - scooping seven of the awards. His success was followed by Artie Brennan and Adam McNicol whose spoofs of Elvis (Snowjob) and All Quiet On Western Front (All Quiet On The Weggstern Front) won three awards each.

The full results are:

Tar: Beethoven's Fist

Eva Wallis

Best Film

Best Sound Design (judged by Eric Kingdon): Robbie George and Hudson Hughes.

Best Director: Hudson Hughes

Best Editing: Hudson Hughes

Best Cinematography: Hudson Hughes

Best Original Score: Robbie George

Best Female Actor: Eva Wallis as Lidia Tar


Snowjob. Image shows left to right: Artie Brennan, Antonio Giordano

Best Costume (judged by Gillian McKeith): Artie Brennan

Best Writing: Artie Brennan

Best Male Actor: Artie Brennan as Colonel Tom Parker

All Quiet On The Weggstern Front

All Quiet on the Weggstern Front

Best Poster Design (judged by Erica Bergsmeds)

Best Production Design: Juliya Skakhulova

You're Simply The Best: Adam McNicol

The results were announced at an event at The Museum Of Comedy on Friday 24th March, with the show co-hosted by Tom Ward and Dominic Frisby and the founder of the awards, Tamara Orlova.

Ward commented: "The Daftas remind me of being 16, with my first camcorder, running around trying to persuade anyone and everyone to be in my D.I.Y spoofs. Hilarious, nostalgic and ridiculous."

Orlova says: "We've seen the 'production value' of films improve year on year. Truly unique and hilarious, they add to the rich tapestry of independent comedy created in the UK and beyond."

The shortlisted films, which also included Living Dead by Mark Haldor, Elvis by Bec Wallen, Banshees Of Bexley Heath by Benjamin Oxford and Horne by Will Stan and Josh Jean-Luc will be screened in London at Martinez Members Cocktail Lounge on 1st April (Tickets) and at the Brighton Fringe on 13th, 20th and 27th of May (Tickets).

Information for participation in next year's awards can be found on daftas.org

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