10 reasons to apply for the NFTS Writing & Producing Comedy course

NFTS Writing & Producing Comedy course

In partnership with Channel 4, The National Film & Television School offers the first industry-recognised diploma in comedy. The Writing and Producing Comedy course is part time, running over 18 months, including weekly evening seminars in Soho.

Lead by Bill Dare (Dead Ringers, Spitting Image), it covers sitcoms, sketch shows and jokes, for both radio and TV, and the next application deadline is in mid-September.

I graduated in February 2019, after wanting to move away from writing for theatre and focus on comedy, and have continued to write (sometimes even for money!) ever since. Sitting on the fence? Here are 10 reasons why the NFTS course might just be for you...

1. It makes you make time to write

Sometimes feel like you need a gun to the head to make you sit and write a sketch?

We've all been...

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To find out more about the diploma visit the NFTS website

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