How to Home-Stream: Part Four

Stuart Goldsmith's Infinite Sofa. Stuart Goldsmith

With live venues closed for the foreseeable future, many comedians are turning to online platforms instead - and the results are a remarkably mixed bag so far, from streamed singalongs to language schools, and kitchen stand-up to virtual chat shows.

For those performers who are still planning an online show, we've gathered words of wisdom from performers making a diverse array of online content, and who've learned their own lessons along the way. Sometimes one simple change can be incredibly effective.

In this final part of this series of stream tips, we go by Zoom to Studio Goldsmith.

Part 4: The infinite showman, Stuart Goldsmith

A go-ahead figure in modern UK comedy, Stuart Goldsmith brought street-act savvy to the stand-up circuit - he's the king of bucket speeches - and...

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