How to get your Edinburgh Fringe show fully sponsored

Maddy Anholt

Hi, I'm Maddy Anholt and I've taken four shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. All four have been one-woman comedies, either at Gilded Balloon or Underbelly, all for the entire month and all of them have cost me zero pounds of my own money.

That's correct - zilch, nada, nacho. Now I am going to let you into my den of secrets (not a euphemism) and tell you exactly how I managed to be sponsored £8, 000+ a year to take a show to Edinburgh.

The first thing I can tell you is: it's not easy. Not easy at all, but, I'm living proof it's totally 100% possible. It requires a lot of organisation and a lot of hard work, (plus a load of self-belief) but it can happen.

Over the last ten years I've come up with this action plan, honed it and perfected it and now I will share...

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