Broad / Family / Reputational / Young - BBC Comedy commissioning wishlist

Meet the Commissioners panel at BBC Comedy Festival 2022

At the inaugural BBC Comedy Festival, which took place over several days in Newcastle during the week, the corporation's commissioning desires in relation to TV comedy were revealed.

Director of BBC Comedy, Jon Petrie, appeared on the stage alongside Tanya Qureshi (Head of BBC Comedy), Hannah Rose (Assistant Commissioner, North England), Navi Lamba (Head of Comedy Talent Development) and commissioning editors Emma Lawson, Ben Caudell, Gregor Sharp and Seb Barwell to announce that the BBC was changing its approach to comedy-related commissioning decisions too.

Below is BCG Pro's summary of the session...

Programme format

The BBC is looking for shows that have the possibility of multiple series... they're not looking for premises that would likely end after just one run or two.

Gregor Sharp, talking about premises, emphasised the programmes...

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Published: Sunday 15th May 2022