What's the situation?

Drop The Dead Donkey. Image shows from L to R: Sally Smedley (Victoria Wicks), George Dent (Jeff Rawle), Joy Merryweather (Susannah Doyle), Henry Davenport (David Swift), Gus Hedges (Robert Duncan), Dave Charnley (Neil Pearson), Damien Day (Stephen Tompkinson), Helen Cooper (Ingrid Lacey). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions

Sitcom is primarily about character, but of course the situation matters, too.

So, what makes a good situation?

A contained world

You need a contained world that keeps your characters together and facilitates their comic interactions.

Perhaps this world is work-place, perhaps it's domestic.

If you're writing a workplace sitcom, then the situation is the workplace, and the locations might be the "shop floor" or office, the manager's office, and a small coffee bar or place-where-the-staff-hang-out.

Similarly, the simplest domestic sitcom might take place across a larger kitchen/sitting room set, and a couple of bedrooms.

Ideally, your characters will also...

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Published: Friday 27th October 2023

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