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Sitcom Geeks: Episode 52 - Barry Cryer (Part 1)

Yes you read that right, James and Dave talk to comedy legend Barry Cryer about his work with Graham Chapman, and how David Frost shaped light entertainment.

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Published: 6th July 2017.   Length: 30 minutes.   Size: 42.5mb

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Jo Brand's Great Wall Of Comedy. Barry Cryer. Copyright: STV Productions.

Episode 53 - Barry Cryer (Part 2)

Date: 20th July 2017   Length: 39 mins   Size: 53.9mb

More tales from the comedy coalface with legend Barry Cryer including the first gay sitcom that never was, amazing double act Cleese & Dawson, and the first joke Barry sold...


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 54 - Ask Us Anything

Date: 3rd August 2017   Length: 50 mins   Size: 68.5mb

Dave and James' first foray into Facebook Live answering your sitcom-related questions is now a podcast, plus some thoughts on the recently announced BBC pilots. To watch it and see...


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Episode 55 - Fringe Special

Date: 12th August 2017   Length: 28 mins   Size: 39.3mb

James, Dave and special guest Abigail Burdess discuss the Edinburgh Fringe, how to do it and how to survive it. Warning: this recording also features a Belgian mime artist.


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