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Richard Herring: Talking Cock

Richard Herring: Talking Cock: Episode 2

Tal*ing *o*k, e*is*de 2 - Display it, with Honour - The much delayed release of this penis-based podcast has come about partly due to questions of the suitability of the title for public consumption. This is an issue that Richard faced at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 (though not in 2002), so today as a bonus extra as we wait for the podcasts to go live, he discusses whether it's right to be quite so prudish about our tummy bananas and why it's all right to say Joe Cocker went off half-cocked in Cockermouth, but not Talking C*ck. He also reveals some of the better penile euphemisms from his questionnaire, as well as the childish names that males called their todgers as kids (and as adults). There's a quite serious poem too. View all the tour dates here and buy some tickets to see the live show if you like! Please spread the word about the podcast and the tour to your winkie-obsessed friends and don't be put off by Ian Tunes from iTunes prudish and seemingly random approach to censorship.

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Published: 22nd February 2013.   Length: 31 minutes.   Size: 28.96mb

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