Richard Herring: Talking Cock

Richard Herring: Talking Cock: Episode 7

Episode 7 - I Am An Anatomist. An Antipodean Anatomist! - It's a bit of a free-for-all cock catch up on our bulging mail sac today, with some general penis stories (some more slightly gruesome medical and injury ones -sorry, it's mainly what I've been sent) and Rich trying to explain why the willy brush he bought 'for material for the live show' does not appear in the live show. Why did he buy it? What happened when he did? There's a poem from an ex-Tellytubby which you really wouldn't expect (satisfyingly for this winkie based piece of art, he was Tinky-Winky) and we find out whether women see the penis as a friend or an enemy. And why. The cats try to heckle at one point as well. But this is Talking Cock, guys, not Talking Pussies.

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Published: 3rd April 2013.   Length: 35 minutes.   Size: 32.52mb

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