RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 281 - Robert Webb

#281 Nipples Like Walnuts - Richard's daughter has wished him a choice of terrible deaths, but come up with a great emergency question, proving herself superior to him in every way and he's also increasingly obsessed with Sliding Doors. His guest is (hopefully) working on a lockdown episode of Robert's Web, it's Robert Webb. They talk about escaping lava inside a crocodile; time travel and alternate universes; finding out about the death of a family member by means of a note; open heart surgery; confronting death; the forgotten wonder of pornographic magazines; and whether it's best to plan your writing or just shagging wing it. Plus an impression of recordings from the past. And a look at Robert's dressing gown.

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  • Published: 24th June 2020
  • Length: 68 mins


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