RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 284 - Richard Osman

#284 Shipham Strawberry Fayre - Lockdown continues in all its exhausting torpor, but Rich has come up with a new game show as well as becoming needlessly annoyed by a very old song. His guest is long time friend of the show and lone self-isolator, Richard Osman. They chat about whether it's better to be married or single during lockdown; dealing with the virus; how Henry Kelly might find himself a new job; how much money Michael Palin has; whether interviewing someone means you are now in their TV show; patricide; Strangers On A Train; and Osman's acting role in the greatest sitcom of all time. Plus which tube station has a Z in it? We forgot to tell you, sorry.

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  • Published: 15th July 2020
  • Length: 72 mins


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