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Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast: RHLSTP 144 - Katy Brand

RHLSTP #144: Katy Brand - Catering for the Dead. Richard hasn't eaten enough in a last-ditch attempt to lose weight before he turns 50, but no time for stomach rumbles because his guest is professional Margaret Thatcher impersonator and teenage evangelical Christian, Katy Brand. Questions, emergency and non-emergency are asked, like how does Brian Blessed feel about hobgoblins? Where do demons go when they have been dispossessed? Are Medusa and Emily Bronte the only women in history? When is International Men's Day? What kind of a sad case would use crowdfunding? Have any of Richard's 1990s fans gone on to be less successful than him? And you'll witness the power of the new embers of a bonfire Emergency Question.

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Published: 6th September 2017.   Length: 68 minutes.   Size: 126mb


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