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RHLSTP 145 - Julian Clary

RHLSTP #145: Julian Clary - Fist of Fun. Richard is still bugging last week's audience about Lego Batman - it's amazing they keep coming back. His guest is Gillian Pieface, or as she is sometimes known, Julian Clary. They chat about how the Universe lets you know it's time for a break, psychic teeth, burning pianos, perverted monks, the inability to escape innuendo, living next door to hyenas, having a head full of skin, the Tracey family and Aquamarina, Piers Morgan, cocaines, Brian Blessed, Jimmy Greaves, Mike Smith, acting, panto, the continent of the incontinent and disappointing ways to celebrate big birthdays.

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Published: 13th September 2017.   Length: 59 minutes.   Size: 107mb


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