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RHLSTP 45 - Nick Helm

RHLSTP #45: Nick Helm - Przepraszam. Richard harangues the willing fools on the first row as usual, though it's a man on the second row who will inadvertently make the most impact on the podcast. The guest this week is Nick Helm, instantly recognisable in face if not voice to everyone in Poland. The pair carry out some onstage sex acts which will delight the perverts on Dirty Britcom Confessions (if you buy one of the series on video you might want to make it this one) and disgust all decent minded people. You will find out how the team of Uncle got round BBC compliance issues, what to do in St Albans when your dreams have been shattered, where the Bermuda Triangle of the Edinburgh Fringe is, what it's like to perform there, and experience a ham-hand based pun that it's astonishing hasn't been stumbled across before now. All this and there's a chance that the series will end with the mysterious death of someone in the theatre. We will be back with another series of the show in September and there's a special from the Mach Fest coming next week. Fill the void in your life with some Richard Herring's Meaning of Life.

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Published: 16th May 2014.   Length: 87 minutes.   Size: 119.3mb


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