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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life

Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life

Highlights from an experimental six-part series by Richard Herring in which he looked at life's big topics. This is the free audio version of the show; a longer paid-for version is also available.

Episode 6 - The Shape of Things To Come

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  • Published: 19th March 2015
  • Length: 43 mins
  • Size: 59.4mb

RHMOL #6: The Shape of Things To Come. In this final episode of this over-ambitious series, Richard will finally deliver on his promise to give you the meaning of life, but first he wants to look to the future. Are we able to predict what's coming up next? Which animal will take over the world and make humans their slaves? Does Jesus visit all species of animal and, if so, is Rich the rat Pontius Pilate? Is all scientific progress evil and what are the moral implications of cloning animals and the practical implications of cloning sex slaves? With an interview with journalist and presenter Aleks Krotoski.

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