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RHLSTP 12 - Peter Serafinowicz

RHLSTP #12: Peter Serafinowic(h)z - Jeddy. Rich and his wife have made the ultimate commitment: they've been through their DVD collections and are getting rid of any duplicates. Some lucky audience member is going to win them all! But before that it's time to talk to the star of The Calcium Kid, Peter Serafinowicz. Fans of Star Wars will be creaming out of their arm pits when they hear his tales of working with George Lucas and having to pay to go the premiere. Astonishing stuff. Rich provides an alternate reading of Darth Maul for the next director's cut. There's talk of zombies and Tony Wilson, Terrance Stamp and Will Arnett and lots of inside gossip about working on US and UK TV. And someone is going to win a copy of East is East. C'mon it doesn't get better than that.

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Published: 16th October 2012.   Length: 80 minutes.   Size: 56.66mb

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