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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2017 #1: Doug Anthony All Stars

RHEFP 2017 #1: The Doug Anthony All Stars - The Boy Who Cried Batman. The King has returned and he's at the spooky New Theatre Grand Hall where the Masons get up to all sorts of mysterious time-travelling. And Richard is very excited to be welcoming comedy legends The Doug Anthony All Stars, Paul, Tim and Paul. There's lots of chat about the Edinburgh Fringe of the eighties, the point where comedy and tragedy meet, what happens when you become the carer for your comedy partner, what happens if you never wash your clothes, the Doug who became a diplomat, how Jerry Sadowitz terrorised the public, and curing rectal cancer. Sorry the first minute or so got lost, but I have attempted to recreate it (and it was nothing of any worth). Plus there's a beautiful song at the end which is going to leave you wondering why the audience is laughing, but suffice to say what was happening was very funny indeed.

Come and see the next two podcasts recorded. Buy tickets here. See Richard's stand-up show Oh Frig I'm 50 at the Pleasance at 7.30pm. See The DAAS at the Pleasance at 10pm.

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  • Published: 5th August 2017
  • Length: 65 mins
  • Size: 118mb

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