The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring

The Twelve Shows Of Richard Herring: Episode 5

TSORH #5 - Metal Mickey. Richard dissects his performance of Someone Likes Yoghurt and reflects on changing tastes in comedy and whether his on stage persona was well-defined enough, as well as enjoying the way that once obscure references become almost totally lost after another ten years. You can hear a bit of the Rudyard Kipling routine and Richard's pre and post show analysis (slightly rushed as the show had over run), plus he looks forward to his difficult mid-life crisis shows menage a un and Oh F*ck, I'm 40. He is also looking after his baby during this podcast. Sorry if that annoys you. Buy the audios of the first 10 shows and buy tickets to the shows

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  • Published: 19th August 2015
  • Length: 27 mins
  • Size: 25.5mb

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