No Pressure To Be Funny

No Pressure To Be Funny: Series 5, Episode 5 (9th June 2013)

In this month's show, Mitch Benn rocks the room with two pieces of satirical musical brilliance which contain more coherent and persuasive political arguments than we've heard from Her Majesty's Opposition since about 1945; Jessica Fostekew deflates Bilderberg conspiracy theories with the most elegant of rapier thrusts, Dan Smith gives profound and gripping summaries of the situation in Syria and Turkey; Hal Cruttenden offers a powerfully unconventional critique of 1984 and Liam Mullone reveals why he will always have a soft spot for Mexican transsexual prostitutes. Alistair Barrie argues entertainingly against gay marriage and Nick Revell reflects on the lighter side of mass shootings and constitutional abuse in the United States. All consummately held together by suave sophisticated and debonair former cannabis supplier Mr James O'Brien.

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Published: 11th June 2013.   Length: 51 minutes.   Size: 47.84mb

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