No Pressure To Be Funny

No Pressure To Be Funny: Series 5, Episode 3 (7th April 2013)

This month's No Pressure sees guest host Kevin Day come up with some interesting new programme ideas for BBC3 based on some thoroughly historical suggestions for punishing financial wrongdoing from The Keiser Report's Max Keiser. The Independent's Steve Richards lets rip his inner Rory Bremner, while Aisling Bea worries that Gangnam Style may have affected the Korean Peninsula in untold ways, and Paul Sinha has a novel solution to England's traditional difficulties in penalty shoot-outs. Jay Foreman presents some unfortunate musical truths about Sooty in the wake of the world's tiniest Twitter scandal, and there are the usual contributions from Nick Revell and Alistair Barrie. This month's show is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Thatcher, who, by dying between the recording and the editing of a topical podcast has managed to bugger things up all over again.

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Published: 10th April 2013.   Length: 53 minutes.   Size: 49.08mb

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No Pressure To Be Funny. Image shows from L to R: Hal Cruttenden, Liam Malone, Jessica Fostekew, Nick Revell, James O'Brien, Mitch Benn, Alistair Barrie, Dan Smith.

Series 5, Episode 5 (9th June 2013)

Date: 11th June 2013   Length: 51 mins   Size: 47.84mb

In this month's show, Mitch Benn rocks the room with two pieces of satirical musical brilliance which contain more coherent and persuasive political arguments than we've heard from Her Majesty's...


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