Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars

Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars: Episode 2.6 - Valentine's Day

On the most romantic day of the year, Hayley and Ruth join Irish poet Fintan Cresss to review a restaurant and to talk about his latest book Hallowed Halls.

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Published: 14th February 2018.   Length: 28 minutes.   Size: 38.4mb

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Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 2.7 - Lesley Boughton

Date: 7th March 2018   Length: 38 mins   Size: 53.4mb

In this episode, Hayley and Ruth are thrilled to chat to highly experienced actor Lesley Boughton, star of rep, fringe, big screen, small screen and medium screen.


Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 2.8 - British Summer Time

Date: 28th April 2018   Length: 32 mins   Size: 44.5mb

After a never ending winter, for two whole days this April, the UK saw sunshine. Hayley and Ruth review this brief bit of British Summer Time from London's bustling Southbank,...


Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 3.1 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Date: 19th June 2018   Length: 34 mins   Size: 62.9mb

Hayley & Ruth might have failed to secure free tickets to the latest Jurassic World movie, so they haven't actually seen it yet - but that won't stop them reviewing...


Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars.

Episode 3.2 - Love Island

Date: 19th July 2018   Length: 35 mins   Size: 65mb

Hayley & Ruth review the cultural sensation of Love Island. Hayley has seen every episode while Ruth hasn't seen a single episode and in fact doesn't own a television. This,...


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