Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing: Series 4, Episode 1 (Sarah Millican & Jesse Thorn)

Sarah Millican and Jesse Thorn join Danielle, Margaret and Michael in this first episode of our fourth series - Whoohoo! Recorded at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, subjects tackled include pigeon expulsion, sea survival, package embarrassment, precocious children, Marks and Sparks and getting stuck in a tunnel (courtesy of expert 'locomotive engineer' Dave).

We're well pleased to be back and hope you feel the same. If you do you can reward us by helping us get even more listeners (we're very needy). Almost anything you could do to bring the show to people's attention would be great (please don't commit any publicity-based violent crimes on our account though).

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Published: 22nd January 2014.   Length: 31 minutes.   Size: 43.14mb


YouTube preview clip. The guests debate what sort of pigeon the question is referring to:

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