Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing: Series 4, Episode 4 (Lucy Porter & Simon Munnery)

Lucy Porter and Simon Munnery are on board for the final episode in Series 4. Within it you'll find a brilliant audience Agony problem about yawning, an expert head chef armed with knives and Michael Legge's teenage diary. Plus Quicksand, Ladyboys, Bad News and Snooping.

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Published: 12th February 2014.   Length: 36 minutes.   Size: 49.61mb

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Do The Right Thing.

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Date: 6th July 2015   Length: 6 mins   Size: 8.5mb

New series announcement! Sorry for the wait! The new series of Do The Right Thing will start next Monday 13th July. In the meantime, here are a few clips...


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