Steve Whiteley
Steve Whiteley

Steve Whiteley

  • Actor, writer, director, producer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

A Mind Full

A man teaches mindfulness, hoping it will bring both his pupils and himself inner peace. But when his anger gets the better of him, his inner turmoil is broadcast to the world.

Alleyway Chefs - Pilot

You ever look down those alleys behind restaurants and see two guys smoking? Al and Avi are those guys, shooting the breeze on their cigarette break, enjoying a moment of pause in a hectic day. But they're both stuck in a rut. Chewing the fat and reflecting on the death of their dreams, they're quietly yearning for something, anything, to happen.

The Impostor

Robots are looking to kill all humans...

Wisebowm vs Einaudi - 'Writing'

In his debut music video, Urban poet Wisebowm provides you with the motivation to start writing.


Documentary following Jordan and his friends Ryan and Talia on a London estate. Alarmed by the detrimental effect smartphones are having on those around them, they launch an initiative 'Swiped', which aims to make people more present... by stealing their phones on mopeds.

Modern Horror Stories - Women Against Low-Level Fundraising

A comedy sketch for Red Nose Day where the women in the office are sick and tired of going the extra mile to raise money for charity, but receiving less than the men. Stamp out low-level fundraising once and for all!

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