A Mind Full

A man teaches mindfulness, hoping it will bring both his pupils and himself inner peace. But when his anger gets the better of him, his inner turmoil is broadcast to the world.

Zander is stressed out, trying to get to the meditation class he teaches at a local Zen centre. It's the final class in a six-week teacher certification program, but Zander is finding it hard to maintain his inner peace with all the traffic and stressful conversation he's trying to have.

After arriving late, Zander settles into the class, but soon faces some questions from an especially challenging student, who voices some scepticism about the whole idea of enlightenment. Zander does his best to maintain an air of calm authority but finds himself rattled, distracted and increasingly agitated by his irascible student. Soon Zander's anger builds, threatening his "mindfulness journey" and his future as a meditation instructor.

Directed and written by Steve Whiteley, this short comedy deploys wit and empathy in poking fun at just how difficult it is for humans to fight distraction, thorny emotions and their own nature in the search for inner peace and enlightenment. Well-written with terrific performances that find a balance between understated and slightly arch, it mines the gap between intention and actuality for a cheeky, memorable irony.

Daniel Boyd Zander
Reis Daniel Student
Susan Harrison Receptionist
Writing team
Steve Whiteley Writer
Production team
Steve Whiteley Director
Yoyo Blair Producer
Ias Balaskas Producer
Steve Whiteley Producer
Ian Robertson Editor
Ilenka Jelowicki Casting Director
Maddy Hinton Casting Director
Adrian Marciante Director of Photography
Lauren Mooney Costume Designer
Azize Zufle 1st Assistant Director

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