Rob Broderick.

Rob Broderick

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Abandoman interview

Thursday 24th July 2014

Freestyle hip-hop duo Abandoman are just about the most roof-raising, impossible-to-follow stand-up act you've ever seen. But are they caught between stools? Or other, more sinister furniture? (Warning, may contain geeky music references)


Press Clippings

'It's a scary time for stand-up comedians'

Suzi Ruffell, Abandoman and Jayde Adams on the problems in the live comedy scene.

Paul Glynn, BBC, 23rd August 2020

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Comedy Club to return

Comedy is due to return to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland for a second year.

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Abandoman and Spontaneous Potter will help to launch this four-day festival.

Neil Pooran, Edinburgh Live, 10th December 2018

Abandoman interview

Abandoman talks us through creating the show, what audiences can expect to see - and offer! - along with some advice to creatives wanting to find their own voice.

James Collins, Mandy, 5th November 2018

Abandoman (AKA Rob Broderick) - Pirate Radio review

Improvised musical comedy at its most raucous and inspired.

Brian Donaldson, The List, 2nd November 2018

Comedy review: Abandoman Presents Pirate Radio

Having built a loyal following for his alter-ego Abandoman, [pRob Broderick's challenge has become keeping his unique brand of improvised rap comedy fresh. His skill at crafting witty rhymes off the cuff remains as impressive as ever, and the Irishman retains a garrulous charm that makes him easy to warm to. Yet after existing in a niche of essentially one for almost a decade, for returning audiences he no longer enjoys the degree of novelty he once did.

Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, 27th October 2018

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