Richard Starzak

Behind the scenes of The Farmer's Llamas

Animator Richard Starzak on Shaun the Sheep's global domination and how Aardman own Christmas.

Stephen Armstrong, Radio Times, 26th December 2015

Video: Shaun the Sheep movie: 15 gags a minute no words

He made his first on screen appearance 20 years ago, and since then Shaun the Sheep has become a TV star in more than 170 countries.

Now, the former Wallace and Gromit sidekick is finally making it to the big screen in a new feature film, and it all unfolds without a single word being said.

Writers and Directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzak, and actor and comedian Omid Djalili told BBC Breakfast about the challenges of making a film with no script lines.

BBC News, 27th January 2015