Rebecca Hewett

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Rebecca Hewett is a director, producer and executive producer.


Year Production Role
2018 Who Threw That? Executive Producer
2018 The Goblin Producer
2018 I Dare You Producer
2018 Miss Holland Producer
2017 Cup Phones Producer
2017 Self-Conscious Computer Executive Producer
2017 Hands Full Producer
2017 Hands Full Director of Photography
2017 Nazi Bar Producer
2017 Bed Head Producer
2017 Baby With A Gun 2 Producer
2017 Living Room Shootout Producer
2017 Jack & Dean Of All Trades - Series 2 1st Assistant Director
2017 Jack & Dean Of All Trades - Series 2 Producer
2017 The Midnight Beast's Valentine Producer
2016 Messiah Complex Director
2016 Messiah Complex Producer
2016 Jack & Dean Of All Trades - Series 1 Casting Director
2016 The Shredder Director
2016 The Shredder Producer

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