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Video Nasty comedy drama coming to BBC Three next year

BBC Three has ordered Video Nasty, a comedy drama about the 1980s "video nasties" moral panic.

British Comedy Guide, 21st March 2024

Quirky, offbeat and original, this four-part history of space travel and rocketry blends comedy and science. There are plenty of jokes, but also sharp sketches of three pioneers in the 1920s and 1930s - Russia's Eduardovich Tsiolovsky, America's Robert H Goddard and Germany's Hermann Oberth. Next week: Wernher von Braun.

The creator (at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008), co-writer and main female performer is Helen Keen, clearly someone to watch.

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 6th March 2011

Radio waves: Election fever

Sandi Toksvig will continue to present Radio 4's News Quiz despite being a former Liberal Democrat party activist.

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 18th April 2010

A magnificent new comedy inspired by and spoofing the online info site Wikipedia, and mocking interweb drivel, pop-ups, PC disasters, mobiles, searchboxes, automated reply systems and other hideous aspects of contemporary life. Very funny and cleverly edited, it features. and is partly written by Margaret Cabourn-Smith, who was so good in Radio 4's surreal VIP impersonation series The Secret World and is clearly a rising star. Nick Doody and Matt Kirshen are the main writers and creators. A treat for the next four weeks.

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 19th July 2009

Back for a second series is a very funny sitcom called On the Blog, with Andy Taylor as a computer nerd living at home with his formidable Czech mother, played by Caroline Quentin.

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 25th May 2008

On the spoof

Down the Line began on Radio 4 two weeks ago. The BBC issued a two-page profile of its new young host, alongside a smiling picture of him. We took notice. "Gary Bellamy starts a new live phone-in", I wrote. "Basildon-born Bellamy made something of a name for himself as an award-winning talk-radio DJ in Canada", said The Observer. "A former Today researcher, he is now back on Radio 4 hosting a new late-night phone-in..." And so on. Oh, dear. We were all fooled, even The Radio Times.

Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times, 14th May 2006

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