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Alan Partridge on why he's grateful to Nigel Farage

After rescuing North Norfolk Digital from a serious hostage crisis, new hero Alan Partridge has had a few months to reflect on his actions.

Catherine Gee, The Telegraph, 2nd December 2013

Long may Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse run riot incognito. Tonight Ed Miliband, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage fall victim to the politically driven pranksters. Posing as a workman, Prowse also waltzes into the Afghan and Saudi Arabian embassies to install "a glass ceiling" to "protect women from their aspirations".

Not all of the stunts come off: Katie Price is already too much of a joke and Johnson sidesteps a certificate for being The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz. Still, when this viewer wasn't giggling, she was boggle-eyed at their gumption. Best of all is when they sell ice creams to bankers and charge their outraged customers extra for "insurance". The name painted on their cart: PP Ice creams. Geddit?

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 17th November 2013

More old-style sniggers from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, the best of which come in the opening sketch in which the duo reimagine themselves as Ricky Gervais clones, with a "celebrity" appearance by UKIP leader Nigel Farage. It's a mixed bag, but a mirthful moment comes with Sherlock Holmes as seen through the lens of On the Buses.

Gerard O'Donovan, The Telegraph, 16th November 2012

Emmy Award-winning Homeland star Damian Lewis presides over the topical comedy quiz show tonight as it celebrates the tenth anniversary of inviting in guest hosts - a 'temporary' solution to the abrupt departure of Angus Deayton which has turned into one of the show's major talking points. Joining teams Hislop and Merton are UKIP leader Nigel Farage and US actor Harry Shearer - the voice of The Simpsons' Principal Skinner.

Larushka Ivan-Zadeh and Carol Carter, Metro, 9th November 2012

It's ten years since Angus Deayton made his hurried departure from the HIGNFY host's chair, since when 84 different bottoms have perched there, including those of MasterChef's Gregg Wallace and John Torode, the only double act to share the job, two knights (Sir Bruce Forsyth and Sir Trevor McDonald), two OBEs (Joan Collins and Moira Stuart) and one intergalactic space traveller.

In this anniversary edition, Homeland's Damian Lewis takes the hot seat for the fifth time - obviously hoping to challenge Alexander Armstrong's record of 20 - and, judging by his earlier outings, he'll deliver the scripted lines with exquisite timing and charm. Tonight's guests are Harry Shearer and Nigel Farage.

Jane Rackham, Radio Times, 9th November 2012

Angus who? Tonight marks 10 years since the job of host was given over to a succession of guest presenters following the Deayton sacking. The vast majority of the temporary emcees have excelled in the hot seat, thanks largely to a sharp presenter's script and Paul Merton and Ian Hislop keeping the conversation fizzing. Tonight, Homeland actor Damian Lewis takes the chair for the fifth time as UKIP's Nigel Farage and The Simpsons' Harry Shearer join the panel.

Vicki Power, The Telegraph, 8th November 2012

It's series 39 of the topical panel game and tonight's headline is: HIGNFY has transferred from its traditional Friday night to a new Thursday night slot.

HIGNFY might be billed as the comedy quiz that grills celebrity contestants on the week's top news stories, but we all know it's an excuse for team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop to make jokes at the expense of everyone else on the show. Stepping up this week are Nigel Farage MEP, former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges.

Bridges is likely to give as good has he gets. But Farage may find that political barracking is no preparation for the heckling he could get from the HIGNFY team.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 1st April 2010

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