Micky Overman
Micky Overman

Micky Overman

  • Actor, writer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Open Relationships

Polyamory is the latest trend. So if your boyfriend wants you and him to go polyamorous and have an open relationship, should you jump at the chance? What's wrong with a bit of freedom and variety? Suits everybody doesn't it?

Social Media Bullies

We've all seen the trolls on the internet, how they leave nasty comments and make mean jokes without thinking how it will affect people, all behind a screen so we don't know who they are. Well they are all using SmugBook now, the latest platform for those who like to troll. Sign up today if you are interested. You too can be a better troll!

Mark Smith Versus The People - Technology

Mark Smith, with support from Lolly Adefope & Rhys James, asks the general public about technology.

A Quickie In The Office - Episode One

Is it okay to fart in the office? Should women wear strap-ons to rectify the gender pay gap? And what do you do if your co-worker appears to have the plague?

Sat Navs Will Kill Us

Should you trust sat navs?

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