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Review: Young Frankenstein, (Garrick Theatre)

It's definitely a midweek show, rather than a weekend blockbuster, and probably not for the faint hearted (or the politically correct), as it's quite crude and full of euphemisms (what's not to like?), although it does have a moral. That said, Young Frankenstein is an evening of harmless fun that warrants its standing ovation.

Michaela Clement-Hayes, West End Wilma, 16th October 2017

Live review: Young Frankenstein, Garrick Theatre, WC2

If you are going to see Young Frankenstein please leave your political correctness antennae in the cloakroom. I counted three gags about breasts in the first fifteen minutes and the rest of the show is positively peppered with the kind of smutty humour that makes the Carry On films seems like Chekhov. And yet somehow this doesn't matter. In this age of triggers and safe spaces it feels a bit old school to say this, but you'll probably be laughing too much to care.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th October 2017

Young Frankenstein at Garrick Theatre review

When a stage adaptation of a Mel Brooks film receives the blessing of the legend himself, there is little doubt that it will be a big hit.

Mersa Auda, The Upcoming, 12th October 2017

Is there too much political correctness in comedy?

Why is this being discussed AGAIN??? Haven't we gone round the houses with this a million times? Haven't we established that there are only two possible responses? To the question 'is there too much political correctness in comedy' isn't the answer either: YES, you're not allowed to be rude about people any more, it's not racist it's just banter, it's only jokes... or NO, it's good that in the modern world where all nationalities sit side by side, where women are supposed to be treated as equals and people with disabilities need respect not mockery, refusing to be cruel for the sake of it when writing comedy is a good place to start?

Dave Cohen, Chortle, 27th September 2017

Ross Noble and Lesley Joseph to star in Young Frankenstein

Ross Noble, Lesley Joseph and Hadley Fraser will star in a new musical stage adaptation of Mel Brooks comedy Young Frankenstein.

British Comedy Guide, 21st April 2017

Best comedy of 2015

Praise for Mel Brooks, Sam Simmons, Katherine Ryan, Joseph Morpurgo and Spencer Jones, but Andrew Lawrence was turkey of the year.

Alice Jones, The Independent, 15th December 2015

Interview: Ross Noble, The Producers, Sunderland Empire

Ross Noble will be swapping stand-up for swastikas from Friday. He'll be stepping into the leather lederhosen of Franz Liebkind in a new tour of classic Mel Brooks musical The Producers.

Katy Wheeler, The Sunderland Echo, 14th May 2015

Ross Noble looks forward to his debut in The Producers

The Cramlington-born comic will take to the Sunderland Empire stage alongside Jason Manford in Mel Brooks' comedy classic.

Sam Wonfor, Newcastle Journal, 13th May 2015

Review: The Producers

It's outrageous, politically incorrect and probably offensive to residents of several countries but the stage musical version of Mel Brooks' comedy movie The Producers is a jaw-aching laugh-a-minute, irreverent and often barmy two-and-a-half hours of perfect entertainment.

David Guest, Crawley Observer, 16th April 2015

This week's new live comedy

Previews of Mel Brooks, Bethany Black and Eleanor Morton.

James Kettle, The Guardian, 20th March 2015

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