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Matt Roper + the first panto in New York for 100 years

"So," I said to British performer Matt Roper in New York, "Have you ever done a pantomime before?" We were speaking via FaceTime, obviously. "Years ago," he told me, "as a 20-year-old I was in Mother Goose at the Theatre Royal, St Helens, with 'Olive' from On The Buses. Anna Karen. She was great! What a woman! She was a Soho stripper in the 1960s in London. She was deported from South Africa in the Apartheid years. She was a puppeteer at a theatre in Johannesburg and gave a private puppet show to a bunch of black kids and she was deported."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 7th December 2017

Matt Roper in criminal court in New York

Yesterday, Malcolm Hardee Award winning performer Matt Roper (aka character act Wilfredo) was in court in New York City.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 1st December 2015

Fringe diaries: Routines

So here I sit, beneath the large window of a first-floor Georgian flat, exploring the corridors of my sordid imagination for comedic words of beauty.

Matt Roper, The Huffington Post, 10th August 2015

Meet Matt Roper - Ed Fringe 2015

I'm a character comedian. I'm doing a show called Routines where the audience gets to see what's happening onstage, backstage and everywhere else. One for the voyeurs. Routines cast includes Dana Alexander, Stephen Carlin and Will Mars.

Matt Roper, Short Com, 13th July 2015

China sponsors a Fringe comedy show

Comedian Matt Roper is staying in my spare bedroom until the Edinburgh Fringe starts in August. In the middle of last night, he posted this on his Facebook page.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 26th June 2015

A desperate blog with Matt Roper

"I am a desperate man," I told comedian Matt Roper, who has been living in my spare room for the last few weeks (with my knowledge).

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 2nd December 2014

'No, I was not bounced on Bernard Manning's knee"

"I don't have a blog today," I told Matt Roper this afternoon. "You'll have to give me one. I always tell people that, as a boy, you were bounced on Bernard Manning's knee and you say you weren't. There must be a blog in that."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 28th October 2014

Edinburgh, you tart

Oh Edinburgh, you tart. I've never seen you out of festival time. Except for one Hogmanay when I was eleven years old and I fell asleep on the settee back at my mate's house and missed the whole thing. You are a beauty.

Matt Roper, The Huffington Post, 4th August 2014

The Wilfredo three minute interview

Instantly recognizable by his trademark appearance of high waisted trousers, a super-tight shirt and with the sound of a magnificent vibrato to simply die for, Wilfredo is a musical character comedy phenomenon. Martin Walker asks the modest, unassuming character creation of Matt Roper about his latest Edinburgh Festival Fringe show.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 2nd July 2014

Matt Roper in a wheelchair in a hospital in Saigon

Matt Roper says: "I am hospitalised in Saigon. God giveth but he doesn't piss about when he takes it away again... But I thank him for Cuban trained nurses and free wi-fi!"

John Fleming, 4th March 2013

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