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Doc Martin: series 8 is just what the doctor ordered

Toby Earle goes for a check-up in Portwenn.

Toby Earle, Evening Standard, 20th September 2017

Doc Martin's cast shares the secrets behind new series

As one of TV's most popular dramas returns to our screens, David Stephenson meets the Doc Martin cast on location in Cornwall for its penultimate series.

David Stephenson, The Daily Express, 17th September 2017

Marin Clunes: 'I will never get a better job'

Doc Martin star Martin Clunes said he "will never get a better job" than playing the medic - and told how the show had lifted the Cornish economy.

David Stephenson, The Daily Express, 17th September 2017

Martin Clunes on his devoted Doc Martin fans

The actor, 55, on not wanting to break Hollywood, being too big for the set - and missing his cows...

The Mirror, 10th September 2017

Filming starts on Doc Martin Series 8

Martin Clunes is back in Cornwall as filming starts on Series 8 of ITV's hit comedy drama Doc Martin.

British Comedy Guide, 21st March 2017

The Nightly Show did NOT go down well last night

Viewers said they'd really prefer ITV News at Ten to "car crash", "copycat" television.

Ellie Harrison, Radio Times, 28th February 2017

Doc Martin to end in 2018

Martin Clunes says that hit comedy drama Doc Martin will come to a finish in 2018. Series 9 will be the last series.

British Comedy Guide, 17th January 2017

Doc Martin: Martin Clunes's guide to Port Isaac

As the much-loved Cornish drama is repeated on Friday nights, explore the real Portwenn...

Jade Bremner, Radio Times, 8th July 2016

If You See God, Tell Him box set review

After a bump on the head Briers' Godfrey Spry believes he has to do exactly what the adverts say - with often disastrous results.

George Bass, The Guardian, 9th June 2016

Martin Clunes offers reward for stolen dog

Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly actor Martin Clunes has offered a £2,000 reward to help find a stolen dog.

BBC News, 21st March 2016

ITV3 to air Rising Damp Forever

Rising Damp will take over ITV3 on Easter weekend, including a new 'definitive' two-part documentary series, Rising Damp Forever.

British Comedy Guide, 1st March 2016

Much like ITV's Doc Martin, this Welsh valleys-based comedy starring Ruth Jones is a reliable source of gentle laughs, U-rated drama and the odd celeb cameo. Indeed, while Martin Clunes and pals were joined by Sigourney Weaver last year, Robert Plant rocked up in the fictional south Wales town of Pontyberry last week. Things are a little less starry tonight, as the winners of forgotten reality contest Last Choir Standing come to Aunty Brenda's aid. Elsewhere, Stella tries to contact on/off flame Rob, and Michael is forced to compromise.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 1st March 2016

Neil Morrissey on MBB reunion: 'It's a pipe dream'

Neil Morrissey doesn't expect a full reunion of Men Behaving Badly to happen any time soon, though he'd love to team up with Martin Clunes, Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash if the situation arose.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 19th February 2016

ITV orders Doc Martin Series 8

ITV has ordered an eighth series of Doc Martin, its hit comedy drama starring Martin Clunes.

British Comedy Guide, 13th January 2016

Doc Martin represents one of my guiltier pleasures, in that I watch it in what I think of as my time "off", freed from doing the serious important note-taking shtick or being asked to struggle professionally to fathom the enduring appeal of Downton. The Big Bang Theory, The Wright Stuff, reruns of Jonathan Creek or Endeavour - all are just-for-me equivalents of warm mismatched socks, a hot-water bottle and burnt bubbling cheap cheese on toast. Bliss.

So I dread the day Martin Ellingham - his surname an anagram of showrunner Dominic Minghella, is this interesting? (No, Ed.) - gets all worthy or political or even relevant, and I have to review it seriously. And, the saints be blessed, that still looks roundly unlikely from this sofa. We're still freely invited, 11 years on and at the close of the latest series, to giggle smugly at Cornwall, and what immense fun that is. Those who have been there know that the inhabitants live in perhaps the most glorious corner of God's green earth, and there should be payback, so we're probably entitled to regard the Cornubian batholith as the Land That Education Forgot. Almost everyone be a moron.

Bert Large is a cunning 20-chinned moron. Son Al is a misunderstood moron. Mrs Tishell is a comedy escapee from The Archers, and a moron in italics. Sexy Morwenna is a trainee moron (yet there's hope, and, left to her own devices, she correctly divines that 100% of those waiting for the absent doctor's curt ministrations are slouchy malingerers or alcoholics). King Captain Moron is, of course, PC Joe, who in this final series episode managed to louse up in every way imaginable short of snagging his own pancreas in a bear-trap. Actor John Marquez deserves great credit: not since Father Dougal has there been on our screens a more credible, human, moron.

In the end, after some relatively serious business involving the Doc's kidnapping, serious mainly because one doesn't ever dick about with Gemma Jones possessed of the "nice" end of a shotgun and a righteous wrath, Louisa and Martin were gently reunited. "I think I've been a little bit obsessed with people having to be normal. But they're not, are they?" You said it, girl from Cornwall. Sweeter, more seriously, "I know you weren't going to let me down," which is very much all a girl wants. But... only sometimes. Hence the clever personal tension underwriting the relationship at the heart of this series, and which, apart from the sweet morons and Martin Clunes's deadpan perfections, lends it its entirely fathomable appeal. More, more.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 8th November 2015

Alien star Sigourney Weaver rocks up in Cornwall

How did A-list actor Sigourney Weaver end up spending the summer in Cornwall filming with Martin Clunes?

Maureen Paton-Maguire, The Telegraph, 24th October 2015

Doc Martin episode 2: Martin Clunes continues to shine

Overall, I feel that tonight's episode of Doc Martin represented all that was good and bad about a show which in my opinion is starting to flag after seven series.

Matt D., Unreality TV, 14th September 2015

ITV welcomes back everybody's favourite grumpy GP Doc Martin for a seventh series. The big difference in this first episode is the fact that Martin (Martin Clunes) is without his wife Louisa (Caroline Catz) who is currently living in Spain with their son. It's clear that Martin isn't coping well with this temporary separation as he isn't sleeping at all and hasn't even agreed to see a therapist. However the mostly idiotic population of Portwenn are causing him to miss various appointments due to the fact that none of them can seemingly make a good decision. This episode's patient of the week was decorator and lifeboat volunteer Steve (Daniel Ryan) who faked a urine test to garner a medical certificate from Martin. However, later he collapsed at the wheel of his lifeboat after suffering a mini-stroke causing Martin and company to come out to sea to save him. I've found that Doc Martin is a show that you have to just go with in order to enjoy as it's incredibly easy to poke holes in especially when it comes to the poorly-written supporting characters. Luckily, the series is well directed by Nigel Cole who made the lifeboat sequence the star of the show as Martin desperately tried to revive his deceitful patient. Clunes was also on form here especially as he's constantly able to make the audience sympathise with his misanthropic GP. The scenes I particularly enjoyed were the ones in which Martin was visibly trying to hold back the emotional pain that Louisa's departure had caused. I'm also looking forward to the rest of the series due to the fact that the brilliant Emily Bevan has joined the cast as Martin's straight-talking therapist Dr. Rachel Timoney. I do feel that Martin may have met his match in Rachel and I suspect that the scenes between Bevan and Clunes may provide the highlights of this series. Despite a few changes, Doc Martin is pretty much offering the same combination of lovely exterior shots, quirky supporting characters and a brilliant central turn that has kept a loyal audience tuned in for six years. However it does seem that this audience is slowly diminishing so I do wonder if this might be the end for Doc Martin especially if the viewing figures continue to dwindle.

Matt, The Custard TV, 13th September 2015

There are few real ratings bankers on television but Doc Martin is one of them. The cranky, haemophobic doc (Martin Clunes) in the chocolate box Cornish village has been around for more than a decade now, and is about as safe-a-source of 9  million viewers as a picture of Kim Kardashian's bottom.

Yet nothing actually happens in Doc Martin. It is a drama that negates drama. This new series opener managed to jemmy in a boat crash that was genuinely shocking, if only because so entirely unexpected. Yet within minutes the tone of gentle gaiety was re-established.

Looking at this week's offerings it occurs to me that there are really just three types of drama on television today - the ones where you know what's going to happen, the ones where you don't, and the ones where nothing happens. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from the fact that the dramas that exist mainly to reassure - New Tricks, Death in Paradise, Doc Martin - are by some way the most popular.

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph, 12th September 2015

Martin Clunes's guide to Doc Martin's Port Isaac

As ITV's much-loved curmudgeon returns for a seventh series, here are its leading man's top five places to visit in north Cornwall...

Jade Bremner, Radio Times, 7th September 2015