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Mark Thomas (I)

Mark Thomas Live - Bravo Figaro! / Cuckooed / The Red Shed

Mark Thomas Live - Bravo Figaro! / Cuckooed / The Red Shed

Three of Mark's recent live shows on DVD

Bravo Figaro
As a teenager working on his dad's building site, Mark used to cringe when he blasted opera out to the workers. Now he's written a show about him - in all his grumpy glory. "In the performance I say this is not a show about love, well it turns out I was wrong."

A comedy of betrayal. The true story of how Mark discovered his close friend was spying on him for Britain's biggest arms dealer. A tale of hubris, friendship, loss and undercover deceit told by an award-winning comedian.

The Red Shed (A Topical Tale About The Miners' Strike)
The Red Shed is a 47 foot long, wooden, red, Socialist shed in Wakefield where Mark first started to perform in public and where he politically came of age as a student involved in the miners' strike. The battle of politics is remembering over forgetting.

First released: Monday 11th December 2017


  • Bravo Figaro
  • - "Interview with EdFestMag"- Mark is interviewed for EdFestMag about Bravo Figaro.
  • Cuckooed
  • - "Before the Show" - Mark performs as his own warm-up act before performing Cuckooed.
  • The Red Shed
  • - "In The Red Shed" - Mark takes us on a tour of the Red Shed Socialist Club in Wakefield.
  • - "In The Theatre Royal" - Mark talks about the venue he is performing the show in, the Theatre Royal Wakefield.
  • Distributor: Go Faster Stripe
  • Region: All regions
  • Discs: 3
  • Minutes: 214
  • Catalogue: 5-024545-808896

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