Lucy Reynolds

Binging: Toast of London

Think toast is just a breakfast vehicle for delicious toppings? Think again, says Lucy Reynolds, who can't get enough of Matt Berry's sitcom vehicle for delicious laughs.

Lucy Reynolds, Standard Issue, 17th August 2016

Binging: The Mighty Boosh

A London exhibition of unseen Boosh goodies has just been announced, opening at Shoreditch's Book Club on 20 October. Plenty of time to go on a journey through time and space with Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, says Lucy Reynolds.

Lucy Reynolds, Standard Issue, 1st August 2016

Binging: Bottom (you bastards!)

What's more entertaining than a grown man, dressed as the Devil, in obscenely fitted tights, repeatedly electrocuting himself and shitting his pants? Nothing, is the answer. Nothing is better than that.

Lucy Reynolds, Standard Issue, 22nd December 2015

Binging: The Thick of It

So, you've finished The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Killing but you're still hungry for more boxsets. Fear not, Standard Issue writers are on the case with some hidden gems you might not yet have seen. This week, Lucy Reynolds says, "Fuck it, watch The Thick of It."

Lucy Reynolds, Standard Issue, 17th August 2015